UPS Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance of UPS is very important to increase the battery life, improve the efficiency of battery and protect the environment from gases released during charging and discharging of battery. The use of  right Preventive Maintenance Procedure can help to reduce the work related incidents and improve the quality of  UPS Preventive Maintenance.

UPS Preventive Maintenance frequency can be as followsUPS Preventive Maintenance

  • Quarterly
  • Yearly

Preventive Maintenance on Quarterly Basis

  • Check the UPS system history for faults and alarms and analyzing status of the UPS system.
  • Any fault identified to be attended immediately and corrective action should be taken to get the UPS system back into healthy state of operation.
  • Check for obvious signs of over heating.
  • Ensure the equipment ventilation grills are unobstructed.
  • Measure and record the input voltage and current, output voltage and current, frequency, DC bus bar voltage, battery voltage (cells), by-pass voltage and adjust the voltage nominal if necessary, compare values with previous reports and make recommendations.
  • Simulate mains failure (for UPS with battery), record voltage and current of cells, restore mains and record the voltage and current recharge.
  • Visual checks to be carried out for any leaky capacitors.
  • Check the DC link connection between the rectifier and the inverter.
  • The automatic bypass switches to be checked for healthiness and data to be recorded.
  • Check batteries, signs of deformations, temperature tightness of connections, etc.
  • Check the batteries individually if found faulty replacement to be carried out.
  • Check all the power fuses, Control fuses and replace it if found faulty.
  • Check for dust accumulation of the UPS system.
  • The blower fans to be checked independently for proper functioning.
  • The UPS airflow path to be checked in order to facilitate clean uninterrupted air convection through the heat generating components.
  • Submit report including recommendations for any improvement works.

 Preventive Maintenance on Annual Basis

  • Shutdown the UPS, isolate the UPS mains supply externally and isolate the batteries.
  • Ensure that the UPS is totally powered down by checking for voltage at rectifier input, battery output, and bypass input connections.
  • Thorough clean inside the equipment enclosure using a vacuum cleaner and low pressure air to remove any foreign debris.
  • Reconnect input mains power and start the UPS.
  • Check the batteries individually if found faulty replacement to be carried out.
  • General cleaning to be carried out.
  • Submit report including recommendations for any improvement works.