Litter Picking Procedure

Litter Picking


Litter Picking procedure reduces costs of waste management because of  a lot of money is spent on litter cleanup in all around the work. Right Litter Picking procedure reduce the risk of physical injuries and environmental issues.

Liter Picking Procedure

  • Place a cleaning in progress sign board in prominent area and ensure they are clean and in good state of repair.
  • Hands should be washed thoroughly and checked for any cuts/abrasions and ensure they are covered with a waterproof dressing.
  • Gloves to be checked in case of damages before putting them on.
  • Inspect the equipment to ensure they are in good working condition and can perform the task.
  • The litter picker joints should be moving freely with no squeaky noise. Lubricate the litter picker joints if need be.Litter Picking Tools
  • Collect sufficient plastic bags to last you the entire task.
  • Return the cleaning in progress sign board in the store and proceed to your working location.
  • Proceed to the assigned location and put on Personal Protective Equipment PPE (cotton hand gloves, dust mask, cap and goggles).Litter Picking PPE's
  • Barricade off the area where you are working so that vehicles, employees and customers can clearly see where you are working
  • Asses the allocated area and start picking up litter using the litter picker, brush and pan in case of leaves. Empty the trash into an appropriate trash bag.
  • Put sharps into designated rigid containers.
  • Mark and report any suspected contaminated wastes.
  • Remove trash bag and rigid containers to designated waste collection area.
  • While cleaning edge rows, ensure that only one foot should be into the hedgerow.
  • Ensure that all rubbish collected are segregated and deposited in the respective bins/ skips.
  • Be cautious of vehicle movements at all times.
  • Continue until the entire allocated litter picking area is completed.
  • On completion, wipe and oil the litter picker joints.
  • Damp wipe clean all cleaning tools/equipment and return to store including the caution signboard.
  • Damp wipe clean all cleaning tools/equipment and return to store including the caution signboard.
  • Wipe the caution sign board and return it to its rightful place.
  • Hands to be washed properly following the hand washing procedure.
  • Remember to close the ventilation and switch off the light.
  • The store room door must remain closed at all time if not being used.