Hazard and Effect of Earthing Work

Hazard and Effect of Earthing Work

Availability of  Hazard and Effect of Earthing Work gives the clear information about the Hazard associated with the Electricity Earthing Work and how to control those hazards. The reason behind the  grounding electrical currents is to protect Electrical appliance appliances, human life and to reduce the risk of Electrical Fire.

Hazard and Effect of Earthing Work

 Identify Hazard Hazard Effect

Control Measures

Residual Risk

a)     Movement of heavy mobile plant

b)     Operator competence

c)     Dust

d)     Noise

e)     Overhead or buried services



1) Personal injury





2) Loss of assets/





3) Disruption of work progress


  1)     Drivers, operators and banks-men of mechanical plant and equipment shall be trained, competent and at least 18 years of age.  Only authorized drivers and operators shall be allowed to use plant and equipment.

  2)     Drivers and operators to be trained not only in the correct operation of the plant and equipment but also in the limitations of its use and the hazards, which exist if it is not used properly.

  3)     Preventive maintenance program shall be established to ensure that all plant and equipment is systematically inspected, serviced, repaired and maintained as necessary.

  4)     Prior to earthworks commencing overhead and buried electrical cables and other pipelines shall be identified and precautions taken to prevent damage to these services.

  5)     Non-essential personnel shall be kept well away from the area of operation and trained banks-men should be provided where necessary.

  6)     Measures shall be taken to prevent dust from impairing visibility by use of water spray on roads and if practicable a one-way system for traffic.

  7)     Site speed limits must be set displayed and strictly enforced.

  8)     Plant items should not be parked to cause an obstruction to other plant or site activities. A stacking of material to be operated away from the area of activity if required.

9) Plant shall be fitted with reversing alarms where appropriate.
10) Employees working in the vicinity of earth moving operations should wear proper PPE’s.
11) Drivers should not remain on a vehicle being loaded unless a suitable overhead protective canopy is provided. Personnel should stand well clear of loading operations.
12) Personnel shall be instructed to establish contact with the driver prior to walking in path of a vehicle.
13) Sleeping under or against vehicles is strictly prohibited.
14) START card/Toolbox `programs to be implemented